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The Fall Fishing Season Is Almost Upon Us!! A Great Time To Get Out And Enjoy!!

What a great Summer Season it has been!!  Lots of fish, and lots of fun!  And very happy clients!! A lot of first time events for many adult, well seasoned fishermen this year !! It’s great to make them smile!  And, of course, lots and lots of smiles from beginners, too!! I try to take all the hassles out of things, so all that is left is relaxing and having the fun! And maybe learning a thing or six along the way, too! 😉  I have been getting more and more multiple return clients who have been very happy with the services provided.  A great feeling!      Now we are coming to the end of the summer, and we will be into the fall fishing soon.  This is a time of year that many fishermen wait for, and for good reason! In the fall, as the weather patterns start to shift, most species of fish will start putting on the feed-bag in order to fatten up for winter. This is a great time to get out and try for that lunker you have been looking for! Malm Fishing Services has many options available to try to help you get that fish!!  In Northwest Iowa, this would include big bass, bluegills, crappie, catfish, walleye, pike, and musky!! Plus a few more!  There is boat fishing from an 18 foot V-bottom, kayaking and kayak fishing, or fishing right from the shore. There are also bow-fishing options. Many different ways to get many different fish. Your choice!!  Don’t let the fall season pass you by,…it seems to pass quickly. Make sure to take some time for yourself and your family, get out and relax, have some fun, and enjoy the outdoors!  The beauty of Iowa in Autumn can be breath-taking!!

And of course, all eager fishermen know what the next season will be!  🙂  I have already gotten calls and e-mails about ice-fishing in the upcoming winter. Ice-fishing has come a long way in the last few years, and people are discovering just how much fun it is!!  There is just something about pulling a fish through a hole in the ice…’s like magic!      Last year, many people saw me out on the ice using a new auger system, and I was asked about it many, many times. I have never seen anything like this before either. It is electric, and bores a hole faster and easier than anything I have ever seen before. 6 inches of ice per second! Around 400 rpm!!   It is not the new “Ion” electric auger. Not even close!!  This auger will out-perform any auger I have ever seen, electric or gas!!  What’s more…it is way less money than other power augers!   I have been in contact with the company that produces them, and will be talking to them more about doing some business together. It sounds good so far.  I will let you know more about this in the near future. Give me a call or send me an e-mail for more info on this for now. I hope to have a supply of them soon!!    On another ice-note, I was also asked many, many times why my clients, or me, were catching so many fish when no-one else was. The biggest reason is my All-Spring Bobber. It has many features that have never been seen before in a spring bobber, and is the only one of it’s kind.  It clearly shows the negative bite that could not be seen before, you know when a fish grabs your bait and keeps rising with it. In crappie country, this can make all the difference in the world. Same for bluegills, perch, and many walleyes!  Most people who have tried one, have been back for more!!

On my final note this time around, I would like to thank everyone who has done a little business with me! I have met some fantastic people and had some great fun taking them out fishing and helping them have fun! The comments, calls, and e-mails I get afterward have been great!  The same for all the people who have bought and used my tackle!  The positive feed-back has been awesome!!  Once again…Thank You everyone!!     I will check in again soon!      Remember…Life is Short….Fish Often!!     Paul

Great Summer So Far!!

Now that the drenching rains have stopped, and the waters have pretty much gotten back to normal, the fishing is back on track and the action is fantastic!! The pike and musky bite is back on. The bass bite is holding strong; same for bluegills and crappie! Cat-fisherman have been happy for a while, now!! The high waters and flooding we had, restored many waters back to levels they have not seen in a while. This has been great for the fishing!

My clients have been having a lot of fun, and learning many new facts about fishing. Even a helpful trick or two along the way! Many fine fish have been caught by my clients this year, with many first time events,…first of a species, biggest one ever, most ever caught, etc!!  This is the stuff that makes my job great!! 🙂  There will always be days when the fishing is not what you would like it to be. Those are the days my nightmares are made of! 🙁  On those off days that we have had out this year, where we did not get the numbers or size of the fish we wanted, my clients have still been happy at the end of the day, with what they have seen and learned.

The kayak trips are always fun, whether it is fishing, bow-fishing, or just a relaxing time out on quiet waters for a nature break! Right now many waters are tough to get access to, because of weeds or higher water levels, and a kayak is a perfect way to beat those conditions. I have recently written an article about kayaking, published in the #2 issue of Northwest Iowa Outdoors Magazine (there is also another article I wrote, about small rivers and cat-fishing, in the same issue ). The kayak article can also be seen at the Wavewalk Kayaks Blog page. You can also check these great water-craft out at    I was out in kayaks with a client this last week, and our slab bluegill count was 80 or more! A few big bass, and countless smaller fish, made this a memorable day for the both of us!

There is still plenty of time left in the season to get out and have a lot of fun!….Don’t miss out!  We can shore-fish, go kayaking, bow-fish, or take the V-bottom to a lake!  There are many options and many kinds of fish to chase!! Give me a call or send me an email! You can also contact me on facebook…..either Paul Malm, or Malm Fishing Services!

For all my local friends, I will have a booth at the upcoming Woodbury County Fair! Stop by and say ” Hello ” !   I look forward to seeing everybody!!

Have a great time with the rest of your summer! Be safe and have fun!!  Good fishing!!


High Water Now; Great Fishing Soon!!

Well, there has been no shortage of rain lately!  Rivers have swollen out of their banks, fields are full of standing water, even roadways closed due to high running water!  This has been making the fishing a little tough right now, but when this water settles down, and gets within the banks again, this is going to make for some great fishing!  We have not had any high water at all for a couple years. As a result, many fish simply have not been moving around, and have been staying where they have a comfort zone.  Now that water levels are up, these fish are finally able to move around and change location. As the waters calm down, get ready for a great bite. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get out and enjoy some fishing. Not only the rivers, but pond levels are back up, too. As these ponds settle, it will be the same…. great fishing!

For all of you who would like to do a little bow-fishing, this high water situation will present you with many chances to get some carp from easy to access areas. You will even be able to find carp in road ditches and open fields for a short while! I have already seen people out with their bows, taking advantage of the carp that have found their way to shallow spots. This is fun stuff!  If you have a bow, try to get out and enjoy this sport. You will have a great time! If you don’t have a bow, but you still want to try this sport, give me a call and we can set it up!

The fishing has been very good so far, even with all the changing conditions.  Just this season, I have already had 13 people ( mostly adults ) catch their biggest fish ever! That is a great feeling! Fun to be there to witness the joys of getting a big fish in. Lots of big smiles! Many younger people out fishing that have had a great time, and found the joys of catching a few nice fish, ensuring that more new fishermen will be joining our ranks. Also a great feeling!

The summer season is just getting here; plenty of time to get out and enjoy some fishing. Whether from a boat, a kayak, or even from shore, there are many ways to get to the water and have some fishing fun!  Give me a call if you want to book some fun time out, or if you have any questions on where to go, or what to do, to have a little action on the water.

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the Northwest Iowa Outdoors  Youth Fishing Derby held at the Little Sioux Park in Correctionville.  We had a good event with no bad weather! The turn out was good and lots of prizes were handed out to the participants. Lots of smiles from fishing, prizes, and a good lunch! Thanks to everyone that makes this come together and be a great event for the kids!

Take the time to get out with friends and family, and enjoy a little fun and relaxation in the outdoors. You will be glad you did!   Have fun, be safe, and have a great summer!!

Summertime! Get Out And Enjoy!!

After another very late spring season, it looks like summer is finally here. The fishing was hit and miss over the course of our weather issues. We would have a few warm days that would get the fish active, and then turn around and have a long cold spell that would put a clamp on jaws again. Fish can still be caught under these conditions, but not as easily. Now that the warmer days are here, things will be changing for the better.

Depending on what you have been fishing for, the fishing has actually been pretty good, even with the changing weather conditions. Bass fishing has been very good, as usual. The catfish bite has been great, too. A lot of nice sized cat coming from the smaller local rivers. Walleye had been tough to get in places like Storm Lake, but the bite has come on strong recently. The walleye bite in the river has been pretty fair, depending on the location. Pike and musky are long done with the spawn and are feeding well. Smaller pike have been caught in good numbers, with a few really big ones caught in between. The musky bite has been coming on strong, too…. finally. Since the river has been so low this year, the game plan has changed a little. It took a while to figure out where the numbers of fish have been hanging out.

Musky fishing is a little difficult to explain to some. It is probably the toughest fish to catch in North America, although television makes it look like any other day of fishing. This just isn’t the case. I know of people all over musky fishing country that will fish all season and be happy if they have caught one in that time! Sometimes, it is a good day to just get a follow or two! Other days, a person can go out and put 2 or 3 fish in the net, and that is a fantastic day!!  However, it is not a fish a person can expect to see or catch every time you go looking for one. This is the nature of musky fishing.  It is sometimes difficult for a person with high expectations to learn this lesson when just getting started in that game. Don’t give up!  Hang in there!  Patience is necessary.  Musky fishing can be very hard work, but when you set the hook on a big one, it will all be worth the effort! Is is one of the biggest thrills in freshwater fishing!

Many of my clients have caught the biggest fish of their life while out fishing with me this year so far. Catfish, bass, crappie, carp, pike,…. many different species on different days out. It is great to be there when someone gets the biggest fish of their life. One gentleman was 79 years old, and caught his biggest ever…. a big channel cat!  Fun stuff!!   An honor to be involved when this happens with a client!

It is also time to get the kayaks out and have some fun!  There are many good kayaks on the market. Some are the normal touring kayaks that are great if you do not want to fish, but still want to get out on the water. Then there are the many fishing kayaks on the market. These are built to accommodate all the extra gear that a fisherman brings, and are set up differently so you can fish comfortably for extended periods. There are some that you can stand in, and even a couple with casting decks. Stability is something to consider before purchase. They are all pretty stable, but some are easier to tip or fall out of than others. I have said it many times, the best fishing kayak I have ever seen is the WaveWalk 500. Very stable sitting or standing, with a long, bench style seat. Holds more gear than any others, too! Very lightweight, so anyone can move one around on land, and get it to the water. With the split hull design, you get in and get out dry; no wet feet! Nice!   Check them out at

I would also like to remind everyone about the Northwest Iowa Outdoors Youth Fishing Tournament to be held on Saturday morning, June 7th, at the Little Sioux Park in Correctionville, Iowa. Starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at noon. Free entry, open to all youth. Free fishing weekend…no license needed!!   Come join the fun!!

Get out and have some fun this summer with friends and family. Life is too short not to. You don’t want to look back on your life and wish you would have enjoyed it more. Do it now!! Whether you like to go fishing, or go camping, or just get out and take a walk around a lake or park, it is great to be outdoors.  Have a great summer everyone, and be safe!!



Warm Weather At Last! And Good Fishing To Go With It!

It seems like it took a very long time for Spring and warmer weather to arrive. Finally we are past the cold spells and can move on to some outdoor fun!  Any rains we get right now will be welcome. Not only to raise water levels, but also to get ground moisture back up to normal.  Despite cold temps and low water levels, the fishing has been very good. It is difficult to decide what to go fishing for! Crappie? Bass? Catfish? Walleye? Pike? Musky?……Chubs ( just plain fun )?!!   All have been biting well, and the warm weather is only making it better. Walleye are done with the spawn, and the pike and musky are just at the end of it, depending on location. On this last Sunday, I had a fellow out fishing, and we brought home a very nice stringer of walleye and pike. Enough fresh fillets that we could each have fish for supper, and each put a couple bags of fillets in the freezer! Good day!  I caught a 24 inch, spawned out, male pike today that had a 10.5 inch sucker in it’s belly. Not only did he eat a huge meal,… he took my lure, too!  What a glutton!    This is a fantastic time to get out and enjoy some fishing, no matter what you want to catch!  This last weekend was also the first voyage of the kayaks for the year. I cannot express how much fun kayaks are, and how easily you can access almost any body of water with one. I use the Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak, and could not be happier with it. One person can easily handle it, carry it, maneuver it!  You can check it out at  I have never seen a better fishing kayak anywhere. We will be filming on the river out of these kayaks this year if all goes well. Fun!       Another thing to mention; I will be writing a few articles for the new Northwest Iowa Outdoors magazine! This is a great publication for our corner of the State!  Informative articles and good advice for our area, and maybe yours, too! Check it out!      If you would like to get out, relax, and have some fun, give me a call or send me an email!  Everyone needs to get away now and then. The camping season is also upon us. I will be happy to talk to anyone about overnight/camping trips for anyone that would like to learn a little, or just take the work out of it so you can enjoy yourself.  If you have any questions about any services provided, please feel free to give me a call anytime!  I look forward to hearing from you!   Have a fun and safe season!  Good fishing to you!  Paul

Great Fishing Already!!…..It’s Going To Be A Fantastic Season!!

After having the best season on the ice in 10 years ( numbers and average size of fish ), the hopes were high for a good spring season, also. Although the water levels are down dramatically for this time of year and the temps have been slow to rise, the fishing has been great for everything we have chased so far. The bass bite has been very consistent, with very high numbers of fish caught and released. Average bass have been between 2 and 5 pounds, and we have had days of 30-40 fish caught, and days of 50-80 fish caught!!   Bass thumb,..big time. Not a bad problem.   Pike fishing has been good also. Good average size fish for the table have been the standard, with the lunker thrown in now and then. Walleye have been steady all along.  The musky bite is finally on, too.  Yesterday, in a two hour period, I had three follows and one brief hook-up. Not bad for a scouting trip!  By the way, it is not easy to pull off a good figure 8 in a foot of water!    Now it is getting time to get the kayaks out and have some new adventures again. This is something that can never get old or boring. The places you can use a good fishing kayak are limitless. And tons of fun, too!  If you would like to get out for a little fun, there are still dates available for the spring season. Give me a call and we can get it worked out.  Everybody needs a little away time to relax now and then, and you deserve it.  Life is way too short. Don’t stress it away!  ‘Nuff said.   On the tackle side of things, the new “walleye” leaders are getting popular fast. They are meant to keep you from being bit off by pike while fishing for walleyes. They are so small and low profile that the walleye bite is not affected by using a leader. The snap is super small and there is nothing to open or close. Switching lures is faster than ever.  The leader is super thin 40# test, 7 strand wire. It virtually disappears in the water. Works great!         I have finally stepped into the modern age a little more, and you can now find me, and Malm Fishing Services, on facebook!   Even one more step; you can now find great deals on my tackle on Ebay!      Have a great season everybody!  Good fishing to you!  Have fun and be safe!

Spring Is Here!?!?!?

Well, this is turning out to be anybody’s guess as far as the weather goes. Yes, our climate is changing, but,…..come on!!! Making snowballs in June is not on my bucket list!  The fishing has been good though, despite what the weather has been. The pike, walleye, and bass bite has been good so far. Musky have been there, but you never see as many of them as you do the others. Such is the world of musky fishing.  As the weather warms and they get done with the spawn, this will change fast!    As I have been taking bookings for this coming season, there have been several questions about overnight camping as an option in what I do.  I am more than willing to discuss this as an option. I have often thought that this would be fun for the summer season.  If anyone else is interested, just contact me and we can work out the details. It is great to leave the stress of every day life behind for a day or two and get back in touch with the world around us, and be able to let yourself relax and have a little fun!    On another note, I would like to thank everyone that stopped by to chat at my booth at Scheel’s Fish-Fest this past weekend. It was great to talk with you all, and I look forward to hearing from you again!   I still have openings for the beginning of the season in case you have a little cabin fever and just want to get out for a day!  Just let me know!       I can’t wait to get the Wavewalk 500 kayak out again this year!!!  This is the best way to access the many smaller bodies of water in this area.  The smaller rivers, too. But kayaks are good for any size body of water. This sport is gaining popularity fast. If you would like to check it out for yourself, give me a call or send me an email!     I hope everybody has a fantastic season on the water, and a safe one, too!    Good fishing!!!

Early Spring Season Report & Fishing Update

After a very long winter season, it looks like spring is finally here, although slow in coming. This last season on the ice was one of the best in many years, and the spring season is looking very good so far! Water levels are very low for this time of the year, and we need the spring rains to come. I made a stop at one of my favorite fishing haunts to scout the waters, and within 10 minutes, I had latched into a musky! First of the new season. It was not a large fish, maybe 35- 38 inches, but any musky is a good musky. On the way to the net, she turned and threw the hook. Such is musky fishing. At least I got to have the pleasure of the battle, and I got to see her beautiful barred pattern, and could tell she had a belly full of eggs! That was on 3/29/14. I went fishing the next day, and ended up with a 36 inch pike in the net at the same basic location. If this is the way the season is starting out, it looks to be fantastic! I am taking bookings for the spring and summer right now, and there are still openings. If you would like to spend a little relaxing time out and have some fun, give me a call! Ask me about overnight camping!!  This is truly a great time!   Good fishing everybody!!

A Thank You To Show Visitors and Getting Ready For Spring Fishing

This last weekend I had a booth at the Eastern Iowa Sportshow, held at the UNI dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I would like to say “thank you” to everyone that stopped by to say hello and do a little business. It’s great to meet new people and swap a few fishing tales. If my terminal tackle helps anyone land a whopper, send me a picture and I will have it put on my website for all to see! I am looking forward to taking many new friends fishing in Northwest Iowa, and showing them all we have to offer the fishermen here.   The rivers have opened up and it will be time to hit open water for walleye and catfish. Pike and musky won’t be far behind. This will be very welcome after another long winter. The season on the ice was a great one, but it’s time for a little warm weather fishing! Before you venture out, take the time to go through your gear and get everything ready to go. New line, sharpen hooks, re-tie your knots. It is miserable when you get a big one on, and then lose it because of these basic oversights. It is worth taking the time to do. It can make the difference between coming home disappointed, or coming home with a stringer full. No matter what, it’s still great to get out and enjoy a little fresh air and see what the outdoors has to offer. If anyone has any questions about the fishing here in Northwest Iowa, or would like to book some time out fishing for the species of your choice, feel free to give me a call anytime!  I am on my way out to do a little spot checking on the river for some early walleyes!  Gotta love it!  Spring!!   Talk to you soon!   Paul

Late Ice Report And Open Water Soon!

Here in Northwest Iowa, this has been one of the best ice seasons in many years. Great numbers of panfish through the entire season. Slab crappies and bull bluegills can put smiles on faces pretty fast. The only issue this year has been major wind. It seems to never stop, making it difficult to get out at times. I have heard many people reporting great fishing this year, and I have heard many saying how it has been tough.  Things were a little different this year it seemed. Where I was finding fish for the last several years on familiar waters, there were no fish to be found. But with a little searching, we found the fish were still there, but the weedbeds had changed. The fish simply moved location because the weeds did. Where there have been thick weeds in years past, there were none, so the fish moved accordingly. Once we located them, the bite was great again. If you adjust your game to suit the changes, you will get back on fish again. In the last couple weeks, the fish have been in more shallow water. We have been getting the best bite in the 5-7 foot range, but then again, every body of water is different. What is working on one pond or lake might not work on the next one. Just be flexible, and you will find fish! Reports on the perch and walleye bite have not been as good this year in Northwest Iowa. Smaller fish coming out of very deep water. When the fish come out of water that deep, they can die easily from the pressure difference. I tend to not fish those conditions because of this reason. It’s hard to release a fish well when it is dead!    There is still 15- 18 inches of ice here, but this will be changing fast in the near future. We will be having much warmer weather next week, and this will thin out the ice in a hurry. Just be careful when you know the ice is melting!  There are still plenty of fish to be caught before the ice is gone ’til next year. In fact, some of the best fishing is on late ice.     It will be spring soon, and people are already very eager to get out on open water again. The stores have taken out most of the ice gear already, and have set up for open water fishing. I have had many calls from people eager to get out and enjoy some warm weather fishing. It won’t be long before we will be looking for big musky, pike, walleye, and bass on the open waters. This is a great time to get all your gear ready to go for spring. Replace old lines, go through the tackle box, sharpen fillet knives and hooks, all the things we do every year to be ready for the spring dash. There is always an excitement when the fishing seasons change. It is just plain fun. Getting out to use the new gear you have gotten over the winter, in hopes of hooking into a monster.  It is always a little sad to put away the ice gear, but when you think about the open water, it’s not so bad! If you are looking for a little adventure this spring and summer, give me a call! Fishing, kayaking, outdoor education, custom tackle, and more! Something for everyone to have a little fun outdoors!     Good fishing!    Paul