biopaulbearpicMy full name is Paul Erick Malm. I was born in Sioux City, Iowa, and was raised in Kingsley, Iowa. My parents, Ruth and Peter, came here from Denmark to start a new life in America. I have two brothers. John is the eldest of the bunch. He was born in Denmark and made the journey to the States with our parents as a young boy. The second son is Benny, who was born here in the States. I am the youngest of the three.

All through growing up, the majority of my interests layed in the outdoor world. It started early. Most boys can relate to pond jumping and frog catching as a kid. Just natural. I truly loved being around the water and enjoyed learning about the world of nature. I came from a family of fisherman. Everyone in the clan knew their way around a tackle box! Our mother was probably the biggest outdoorsman of us all. Hunting, fishing, cleaning the game, and then cooking it for the family to boot! A lot of what we learned early on came from her and I will always be thankful for that.

As the years went on, so did the learning about hunting and fishing. I seemed to never have a problem putting fish on the stringer. When I was in my twenties I considered trying to be a professional, but it got lost like so many dreams in a younger mans head. I even put the rods away for a few years. It just fell by the wayside. Then somewhere along the way it came back. With gusto! It was like I had a renewed passion for the sport. I couldn’t get enough!

Although I like to catch all kinds of fish native to the area ( bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, perch, walleye,etc.), my favorites have always been the northern pike, and in recent years, the mighty musky. Maybe it’s my Danish blood shining through, since some of the biggest pike in the world can be caught in Denmark. I remember being told stories of ponds being posted “no swimming” because of the pike in the water. They have a natural fury that makes them a great fighting fish. Luckily, Iowa happens to have a lot of big pike. It’s just a little known fact. Not only a great sport fish, but it  happen to be excellent table fare also.

Several years ago I had a chance to go to Canada on a fishing trip with my brother Benny. The only other person staying at the resort happened to be the number one man on the pro musky trail at the time. We hit it off right away. On a day I had stayed at camp, he asked me if I wanted to go musky fishing. I jumped at the chance. During the day, we brought several huge fish up to the boat. My host had put two in the net when I latched into my first musky ever. And even though it was not a huge fish, it was a musky! My mentor sat in the boat, smiling. He said that I had a natural calling for it and asked me why I wasn’t fishing professionally. When we got back to camp, he gave me the info I needed to get into the pro tour. Which I did.

For the next four years I fished the PMTT( Professional Musky Tournament Trail). While fishing the trail, I was able to meet and befriend many of the top pros in the business. Even though I no longer fish the trail, I still stay in contact with them. As a matter of fact, Mike Keyes from the TV show “Keyes Outdoors” has come down to fish and film with me here in Iowa. We did a show for Fox Sports on musky, fishing the Little Sioux river in Iowa. Mike caught a beauty while we were filming. We also caught several pike that day. Fun stuff!

Until recently I had been working full time in the restaurant business for the last 30 years. I had been doing some part time guiding here and there for some extra income. I have also come up with some new tackle innovations that seem to be gaining popularity. With all of this getting bigger and bigger, I thought maybe now, finally, it is time to go into the fishing business full time. And here we are. Let’s hope that line stays tight!