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A Sharpener Worth Talking About…The SharpensBest.

There are few products on the market that I will go out of my way to tell people about. When I do, it is because I believe in the product, and it is totally sincere. There have been three different companies that have been contacted, just to tell them how impressed I am with what they carry. This has led to good relationships with all three. Now there is a fourth that I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about….the SharpensBest  knife and tool sharpener! Visit their site at While you are there, check out all the videos of this sharpener in action!

I had mentioned this product on my previous blog, our radio show, and on Facebook, but wanted to go into a little better description.

I came across this amazing little product at a sport-show I was attending, well over a year ago. There was a booth that had a crowd standing there, stretching their necks to get a better view of what was going on. So with my neck stretched out too, I watched and listened while Brad Buckner demonstrated the SharpensBest. We all watched as he used this little item, with extreme ease, to put a razor’s edge on many different blades. People were also handing him their dull pocket knives, and were getting them handed back with a great edge on them. I found this almost to good to be true. As an avid outdoorsman, there is always a need to be able to sharpen knives, tools and more….so I bought a couple of them, just to check it out for myself. The crowd kept coming,… as people would buy and leave, new people would fill in quickly. I wanted to talk with Brad about these sharpeners, but there was no way he could take the time, I took my sharpeners and moved on.

After getting home from the show, I was very anxious to try out the SharpensBest on several different blades, and find out for myself if they worked as good as it seemed. I wanted to test it on pocket knives, hunting and fillet knives, and some kitchen knives.

I could not believe the results!! Within a very short time, I had put a razor’s edge on everything I tried it on!! It will take care of straight edged blades, serrated knives, scissors, curved blades, and almost any other blade you can think of!!  And it could not be any easier to use…you simply sweep, or brush, the blade with soft pressure. The lighter the pressure, the finer the edge. To keep, maintain, or fine tune an already good edge,…just follow the existing bevel on the blade. For knives in terrible shape, you can put a completely new edge or bevel on a blade.

The SharpensBest is held at a slight angle when being used, not flat against the blade, and then tilted forward slightly also. This is the easiest sharpener to use that I have ever seen before, and the results will blow you away! You just lightly brush your way to a razor edge, all the way to the very tip. There are different models to suit different needs, but they all work the same. There are types that are the size of a 50 cent piece, that fit right on your key-chain. Another model slightly bigger with a rectangular shape, also has the edge shaper on it also. That is the V-shaped notch on the sides of all models other than the poker-chip. This feature can be used on badly damaged blades, to get a basic bevel, but be careful…this can remove a lot of material from the blade…a soft touch is best!!

The Sharp-n-Spark is a larger model that also has a quality fire-starter rod in the handle,…and it works very well!! Another model, the Sharp-n-Spark Mini, is just a little smaller than it’s big brother, and also has a bottle opener built in. Both of these models fit in the hand very well, and both are still pocket sized.

After more than a year of sharpening knives, and I mean a lot of knives, my SharpensBest is still like brand new!  Brad Buckner has been doing many events, for several years, thousands of knives, and still uses the same sharpener for demonstrations! They just don’t seem to wear out…… another good reason to be happy with this device. I wish I would have known about these a lot sooner,…could have saved a lot a sharpening time over the years.

I had to go to a very large sport-show recently, and looked ahead of time at the exhibitor list to see if Brad would be there, so I could buy several of these sharpeners for people that wanted them, and tell him in person how much I like the SharpensBest. Unfortunately, he was not on the list, so after getting on the computer to find some numbers to call, I was given Brad’s number, and I gave him a call.  He picked up the phone after a couple rings, and we started to have a long chat, and got acquainted with what we are both about, and have been building a good friendship since. He is a very down to earth guy, that has worked hard to get these products out on the market. Brad also has great people working with him, that are just as enthusiastic about getting this product out to the public. It is a privilege to get acquainted with people like this.

As a result of a few conversations, and in an interest to build good relations, and let people know about this fantastic product, Brad has put a link to my website,  on theirs, and also a link to Northwest Iowa Outdoors. And it gets better yet! If you go to to make an order,…use the promo code MALM or MALM10 in the coupon box when checking out, you will get a 10% discount off your purchase price! If your order is for $20 or more, will get your choice for one of many valuable and useful bonus gifts! Don’t miss out on this great offer!!

Northwest Iowa Outdoors publishes an outdoor magazine relating to all the hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports in our area. Not only do I write a few articles for the magazine,…I am also the co-host of their radio show Outdoors with John, a talk show relating to all the same. I do the fishing side of things, and John does the gun/hunting side. It’s a fun show. For the last two weeks we have talked a little about the SharpensBest. You can hear those programs anytime by going to the NWIO website. All broadcasts are there. In our area, you can hear it live on Sat. mornings at 7 a.m. on AM station 1360 KSCJ out of Sioux City, Iowa. Tune in for the trivia question of the week to win a prize!!

Well, that’s about it for this time around. I just wanted to let everybody know about another fantastic product that is not exposed enough.  I hope you all have a great warm weather season!!

I will check back in soon!!  Thanks everybody!!


A Great Start To The 2016 Fishing Season,….And More!!

It has been a while since I have updated my blog page with everything that has been going on…..but it’s good to be busy!! Things have been going well here at Malm Fishing Services and things are expanding all the time!

I hope you all had a good winter season, and that you did well on the ice! There were many happy clients here in Iowa. Although the ice-season was a little short,..there was no shortage of fish being caught! Buckets of bull bluegills and slab crappies were the prime targets here locally,…and there was no shortage of either!! Piles of nice fish to put smiles on chilly faces!!  All clients were very happy with the results on the ice!!

Now that warmer weather has decided to show up a little early this year, the spring season is starting off with a bang!! Lots of big fish being caught already! Big pike, big bass, good walleyes, more slab crappies, and even hooking into a couple big musky!! Many happy clients already! What a way to start the season!! The water levels are high everywhere, with many bodies of water being bank full! Several are so high, that they are out of their banks! As far as the rivers go, water levels are high enough that back-waters are filled up, and there are actually spawning grounds for pike and musky this year. This is the first time in the last 4-5 years that these fish have had proper conditions to make more little fish! Hopefully, this will help bring the numbers back up again. It has been very easy to tell that there has been a drop in these fish. They have still been caught, but not the size and numbers that we have been used to. The way things are looking, that problem is about to fix itself!!

Another exciting change, is a new radio show! The show is called Outdoors with John,…on AM station 1360 KSCJ out of Sioux City, Iowa. I am the co-host of the show. The host, John Hackett, does the hunting-shooting side of things, and I do the fishing-camping side. It is put out by Northwest Iowa Outdoors, who I have had the pleasure of working with for the last few years.This is a show with lots useful info about the outdoor sports that we all love. People can call in with questions or comments at any time. We do a trivia question every week, and give out prizes for correct answers. This is a fun show, with good topics, and good info! Give us a call at the station!!

Many other things happening here, too.  For the last couple years , I have been a rep for IceGator Augers, and these electric augers can out-perform any ice auger on the market. Everyone has been amazed, and very happy with them!  I am also on the pro-staff for StowMaster Premium Landing Nets from Norsemen Outdoors. These are the best nets I have ever used over the years. They are a net that  folds up to stow out of the way easily, but can be deployed fast and easy, too. With very little practice, it can be done with one hand!! I have these nets for the kayaks, as well as all the way up to the big nets for big pike and musky. This is another great product from another great company, and I am happy to work with them!

Recently, I have had the privilege of getting acquainted with some great people from another company that puts out an amazing product! The SharpensBEST is a pocket sharpener that can tackle almost any sharpening job you have! Not only knives of every blade shape and style,…but scissors, tools, serrated knives, and even bigger jobs like an axe or machete!! It is safe, simple, and easy to use. Since they come in several styles that can all be carried easily, you will always be able to keep a sharp edge, no matter where you are! This is such an amazing product, that everyone who spends any time in the outdoors should have one on hand. Some styles can be carried on your keys, and are no bigger than a 50 cent piece! I will be posting another blog to more fully explain this product,…be sure to check it out!  You can take a closer look at these amazing sharpeners at  And when you make a purchase on their site, if you enter MALM, or MALM10, in the coupon space,…you will get an extra 10% off your purchase!! If your order is more than $20,…you will also get a very useful gift of your choice,…and there are many to choose from!! This is another great product with great people behind it, and I am very happy to be associated with them!

I hope everyone is getting geared up for a great warm weather season! Too many people have their faces buried in a smart phone or tablet these days, and are completely missing out on the real world around them. Don’t let this happen to you!! You cannot personally experience the best things in life on a video screen! Get out and enjoy life while you can!!  If you don’t do it now,…you will regret it later!!

It is time to get gear ready, get the boats ready, get the kayaks out, and have some fun!! If anyone is interested in having a great time outdoors,..give me a call or send me a message anytime! I hope everyone has a great summer!


A Special Tackle Sale On My Facebook Page!

Just a quick note to let people know that they can get in on a special tackle sale, this time only being offered on my Facebook pages!  Go to either of my Facebook pages to see the details! You make the orders here on this site, and the special will be applied automatically!!  Don’t miss out on this great deal!!  Good Fishing!!

A Fishing Report For The Start Of Summer!

After a little bit of a slow start, the warmer weather of summer is finally here! The rains have made their way in for a few days, but the fishing has been fantastic! I know many people only like to venture out when the weather is perfect,…but some of the best fishing can be found on those off days, when overcast skies and a lower barometer reading will have the fish actively feeding and biting. Because of the recent rains, water levels are up everywhere. Ponds and small lakes are at perfect levels right now to get some great fishing in! Some have started to weed-in quickly, but that’s what kayaks and small boats are made for!! This can be some exciting sport! Because of the weed growth, many of these spots will be ignored, being difficult to get casting access. But with a small craft, like a 2-man boat or a kayak, this can be some of the best action of the summer! Once out past the weed-line, you can cast the edges of the weeds, and get in on some great fishing!!  These smaller bodies of water can produce big bass, slab crappies, and bull bluegills. All of which are great fun to catch! The crappies and bluegills are fantastic table-fare, too!!  Bass are also good on the table, but the smaller ones are better tasting.  Many of these ponds will also have some catfish, bullheads, and even carp. There are always fish to catch!! Pond jumping is a great way to have some fun, and get in on some hot action!  We have not had a bad day on these small waters yet this season!!

The water levels of the local rivers are up, too. This has been allowing fish to move around a lot, rather than low water levels keeping fish trapped in shallow areas. As a result, fresh numbers of fish will move into prime feeding spots and the fishing will improve greatly. Not only the numbers are better, but the fish seem more eager to feed in the higher water. Good numbers of pike, walleye, and catfish have been coming in, and the muskies have been eager to please, too!! As it looks right now, these water levels will be up for a while, and this is a good thing for the fisher-folks out there! Everyone should get a chance to enjoy some great fishing this summer!!

For those that like a little different excitement from time to time,….the bow-fishing has also been on fire lately!  Lots of big fish getting stuck on an arrow!!  This is a truly fun sport for people of all ages!  You do not need a large powerful bow to get out and have fun. I know people that still use an old fiberglass 25 lb. bow, and get great results!! This is not only a lot of fun, but it can teach a new skill, and it helps get rough fish numbers down in many waters. There are many bodies of water that have been affected by the notorious silver carp. These are the fish that jump high when out boating, even jumping in the boat, or causing injuries!  These fish are an invasive species, and need to be thinned out. In places that hold these carp, there is no end to the bow-fishing fun!!  Reports are that these silver carp are delicious on the table,….but I cannot say that I have tried it myself!!

No matter how you choose to get out and enjoy some of the great fishing we have in the Mid-west, there is plenty of fun for everyone!!

For a beginning of summer special, I am offering a $50 discount on any bookings through the rest of the month of June! This includes any bookings for the kayaks, the small skiff, the bigger boat, fishing from shore, bow-fishing, and any of the other options offered by Malm Fishing Services!!  This is a great deal to start the summer!!  Don’t miss out! Dates are available!!

There are many ways to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer, so don’t let the outdoor fun pass you by this summer. Good times in the outdoors with friends and family are priceless!  And the memories will last a lifetime!

Have a great summer of fishing and fun!!  Be safe!!

Summer Fun And Great Fishing!!

Although the weather has been a little off this spring, there has still been some great outdoor action to be had!   Now that the warmer weather seems to be here to stay, the fun will just get better and better!  The fishing has been fantastic so far,…lots of big bass, bluegills, crappies, catfish, walleyes, and pike. Whether it has been on the lakes out of the bigger boat, pond jumping from a smaller skiff,  fishing out of the kayaks, or fishing from shore,…the action has been great!!

Even the musky have been getting much more active lately, with several large fish brought up! Clients have had lots of follows and many missed strikes! Many big fish on the hook, too! This is a fish that always brings the excitement to the game, even if they don’t make it all the way to the net! My clients are thrilled with the experience!!

Many people are getting out for some new adventures this year. Bow fishing is getting more and more popular. This is another truly fun sport! Not only are more people using the bow for rough fish, there are also more people interested in using a Sling-bow,…which is basically a sling-shot that shoots arrows! Fun stuff!!

Snagging is another aspect of the sport that more people are looking into. Again, this is for rough fish, including the different species of carp, drum, sheep-head, buffalo, and even gar! This part of the sport is an absolute blast, too! You never really know what is on the hook until you get the fish in! Of course, all game-fish hooked by accident are released immediately!! This is a great way to get into a major battle with a big fish!!

Once again this year, I will be attending the NWIO Youth Fishing Derby held on June 6th at the Little Sioux Park in Correctionville, Iowa. This is a great event put on for the young fishermen out there, complete with lunch and lots of prizes!!  This event is held on Free-Fishing Weekend in Iowa, so no license is needed to participate,…all are welcome!!  The derby will start at 8:00 a.m. and go until noon, when lunch is served and prizes are awarded.  This is a great event for the kids! Don’t miss out!

Due to many requests, there will be another service offered by Malm Fishing Services this year. Many people have asked about overnight camping, and this will now be an option offered. Whether it is a fishing outing, or simply some time out to just enjoy nature, camping is a great way to get back in touch with the simple things in life!  Treat yourself to some outdoor fun!!

No matter how you choose to enjoy the outdoors, take the time to relax and have some fun with friends and family! It makes for memories that last a lifetime!!

Give me a call, or send me an email, anytime, and we can set up some outdoor fun for you!!

Have a great summer, everyone!!!  Be safe, and have fun!!!

It’s Time for Great Fishing And Warm Weather Fun!!

The ice-fishing season was great,  but it is time for some warm weather fun on the water! It seemed like a very long winter, and warmer temps have been slow to arrive. Cooler temps and high winds have had a major effect on the fish and fishermen. Many people have told me that they are having problems getting onto a hot bite, and that the action has been slow….or not there at all!  In my opinion, the fishing has been great so far this season! We have had no problems at all!!   Most of the problems that people are having, are coming from the constant changes in the weather conditions. It’s not that the fish are not there, or not biting….it is just a matter of changing how you fish for them!  In small lakes or ponds, the fish can be right up to the banks in warmer weather, and then head out deep when conditions are not so good. Just switch your tactics until you find the right combo.

So far, we have had great fishing for walleyes on the rivers here. Catfish, too,…. and the pike / musky bite is just heating up. A couple large fish were lost recently…one was due to getting caught in a snag on the river, and the other due just to the excitement of the moment!  Lol!! It is easy for a new musky fisherman to be startled by the extreme violence of a large musky! That first time is always a major thrill!   The bass fishing has been fantastic, and slab crappies along the way, too!! No matter what fish we have been out chasing,…we have been getting them. If you have been having problems getting on the fish, or want to book an outing, feel free to contact me at any time, and we will get it set up for you! If you mention this blog,…I will give a $25 discount on the booking!         Don’t miss out on the outdoor fun!!

We have been fishing out of the bigger boat on the lakes, and doing well! We have also been doing very well out of the kayaks, especially when pond jumping. This year, I have also been using a small, two person craft that is working out very well. Very stable craft. It uses an electric motor, and is simple and fast to deal with. Like the kayaks,… lots of fun to fish out of!!   As always, the fishing from shore has been good, too. It is the easiest, and fastest way to get set up for some fishing action!

I have recently started a You-Tube channel under the Malm Fishing Services name. Everyone is welcome to subscribe to it!  I have finally picked up a GoPro camera, and am getting used to operating it. Please understand that I am not much of a tech person!!  Lol!!  There are a few videos up that are my first attempts at this! They are a little rough, but they do contain some good fishing action, and some good information along the way. As I get more accustomed to the camera, I am hoping the clips will get much better. Any positive feedback would be appreciated!!

I hope all of you have a great season of fishing and fun!  Be careful and be safe on the water!  Have a great summer everybody!!!

The Change Of Seasons. Spring Is Near! Ice To Open Water Fishing!

Well, it has been a very interesting season on the ice in Northwest Iowa this time around! We had good solid ice before Thanksgiving, and the fishing was fantastic! Then three weeks later there was no ice at all! Complete thaw.  It froze up solid again in a very short time, and good fishing was back on for another short period. Then….complete thaw again!!  Finally, we got a consistent cold weather pattern that was normal winter for Iowa, and everyone got a chance to get out and feel completely safe with the ice. That lasted for a while…..and then 55 degree weather moved in,…and stayed, late January/early February!!  Many different stories from all over about ice conditions, but in this local area the ice was still at 10-12 inches thick this last weekend. The ice has been getting soft though, and caution is advised. Only foot traffic is advised locally, and even then…be careful.  This is a great time to hire a guide service to make sure you have a safe trip! All you should have to worry about, is if you can get that fish through that hole!

We seem to have settled back into another spell of cold weather again, that will firm the ice up for another period of great fishing. One more, and maybe the last, chance to get out for some great sport!  This is the late season on ice, and can be some of the best ice-fishing of the year.  Many species of fish are setting up for the spawn, and the action can be fantastic! Bull bluegills, slab crappie, and lunker largemouth bass can all still be caught in numbers right now. The walleye, perch and pike bite is also great right now, with big fish, and good numbers, being reported daily!  Malm Fishing Services is still taking late season bookings for some great pan-fish action. Buckets and buckets of fish cleaned this season, and several times that many released! And there is still time!!!

Clients had a great time out on the ice,…and not one person got skunked!!  This is not to say that every fish caught was a whopper, but at least they were caught!  Lots and lots of fish, and lots and lots of smiles!  These are good times!  For many of my clients, this was their first time out on the ice, and were not quite sure what to expect. By the end of each day out, fun was had by all!  It’s great to know that people are having a good first time experience, to ensure that they will be willing to pursue the sport, and have a fun winter activity to enjoy for years.

As a seasonal change approaches, and we have a mesh of ice and open-water fishing going on everywhere, I would like to offer a Season’s Change Special, on a couple of very popular products!  Every order made on this website for these products will be doubled at no extra cost!!  A 2-Fer Special!!  This is a great deal!!  For the late season ice-fisherman, …Malm’s  All-Spring Bobber!    People contact me all the time to thank me for the difference these have made in their season. There is nothing else like them on the market, and they are gaining popularity, all over ice country, very fast. It is great to hear all the positive feedback, and it will always be welcome!!     The other featured item for this Special is Malm’s Musky Leaders!  This is in spirit of the spring open-water bite for the big toothy critters out there!  These high-quality leaders all feature my custom, hand-made spin-snap. Nothing to open or close…you can change lures with gloves on!! Countless giant fish caught on these over several years, with no failure in performance! Great for musky and big pike!  You can take a closer look at them here on the website at    along with the other featured item, and many more unique products that can only be found here!  This featured Special will only run until 2/20/15, so don’t miss out on this great offer!!

I hope everyone had a great Winter season, and hope you all have a safe and fun Spring Season!! Good fishing everyone!IMG_20150207_183936915IMG_20150118_134754261IMG_20150207_145500454

Hot Ice- Fishing Action! Another Great Winter Season So Far!

This is going to be another great season on the ice! Here in Northwest Iowa, we had very early ice that was safe to fish.  And the fishing was fantastic!!  Catching piles of bull bluegills a week before Thanksgiving!  Along with the big gills, we have gotten some slab crappie, and big bass, too!! The major crappie bite is yet to come in this area, and when the bite is on, they truly are slabs. 12-14 inches is pretty common! Last year a client coaxed a 16 incher incher into biting! It was her first time out on the ice, and her first crappie ever!! Many more fish were caught that day, but nothing to match that!

That first ice did not last long, though, as warmer temps and higher winds melted it all down to either open water, or unsafe ice. Then another very cold spell came along, and froze things up again, very fast. It got back to 5 inches of ice in just a few days, and the fishing was on again!!  And the bite was still great!!  This lasted for a little over a week,….and then the heat wave in December, again! People fishing open water on 12/14/14,…in Iowa!! Now, we are all waiting for the freeze up again.  It is almost a good thing that all ice melted, instead of having half-rotten, or poor quality ice everywhere. It has a fresh start to produce hard, quality ice. Just be careful, and use your common sense out there. There have already been many reports of people breaking through, as well as vehicles and houses going through!  Please, PLEASE,  check the ice carefully and know the conditions before you venture out!  We are all anxious to to the fishing, but it is not worth your life.  The best part of any trip is making it back home safely!!

Since the season is just getting started, there are plenty of openings if someone would like to book some time out, having some great winter fun! It is far better than watching someone else do it on TV!!  I supply all the gear, bait, shacks, sonar, heat, etc. All you need is proper clothing and a valid fishing license!  This works great if you want to check out the sport, but you don’t have all the gear. This way you can see if you like it, and get an idea of what gear you will need to get started. And since I am certified as an instructor in the State of Iowa, all my clients get a chance to learn while they are out!  This also makes a great Holiday Gift for the outdoors minded person on your shopping list!! Just give the gift to them, and they can use it any time, or any way they like. Ice-fishing, open water fishing in warm weather, boating, kayaking, bow-fishing,…..there are many ways the gift can be used!  You can contact me for details at any time!

Having an experienced guide can be beneficial in many ways, on the ice or in open water. Knowledge of local waters can be priceless!  It also takes most of the work out of the situation, for the client.   All they have to worry about is hooking the fish, and smiling big!!  An experienced guide can also come in handy for judging certain situations,..such as safe ice, for instance.  A person does not always need a guide to go out and have some fun, but there are times when it can be the right call!  Just try to make sure you hire a guide with the experience!

On another note, the IceGator augers are selling fast when they come in!!  Many people have stopped by to check them out, or have seen me use mine!  Everyone is very impressed by the performance of this machine! Many are looking at their gas augers with a frown after seeing these. Smooth electric power, no gas or oil,….and what power it is!  Bores through 5-6 inches per second!  Blade spins around 400 rpm!!   With an 8 inch blade, I have gotten over 60 holes in 25 inches of ice, with no loss of power at all!! Puts other augers to shame,…gas or electric!!  And maybe best of all, they cost much less than most other power augers on the market!  Contact me at any time with questions, or check them out at

When out on the ice, people approach me a lot to ask why I am getting fish in the same spot, and they are not.  In many, many cases, it comes down to the spring bobber they are using, or not using. There are countless spring bobbers on the market, but very few that actually perform well on the ice. The All-Spring bobber that I designed and produce, works better than anything I have ever used on the ice!  Naturally I am going to say that,…but I truly mean it!  I am not one to steer someone in the wrong direction when it comes to catching fish! I try to help anyone increase their chances of getting in on some good action.  These All-Springs are a different design. They actually show the negative bite plainly! They are also the only open-ended spring bobber on the market!  If you want to keep your line engaged in the bobber, you simply close the end like a safety pin! These bobbers are amazingly sensitive, and they give a natural flow to your presentation, instead of a stiff, un-natural action. Many people have contacted me, to thank me for making such a big change in their season.  That’s a great feeling!  They are getting spread out farther and farther into ice-fishing country every year!  You can get them at many retail stores across the Midwest. Several are listed on this web-site, but not all. You can also contact me, or purchase them right here on this web-site!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients sincerely,  and also wish everyone out there a Very Merry Christmas, and the best of New Year’s to you!  I hope everyone has a great Holiday season, and you get to spend some quality time with the people that matter most to you!                                                                                          Again…. Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

The Ice-Fishing Season Is Coming!!

CAM00180Wow! What a fantastic Fall Season! Lots and lots of happy clients! The walleye fishing in the river was outstanding, and will be for a little while yet! Pike fishing and musky fishing were also great this year! Many big fish caught, and several missed opportunities. That is just the nature of fishing for apex predators. Still, everyone was happy with the experiences they had! It’s great to see the looks on faces when a first-time event happens! Priceless!!

The walleye fishing brought many surprises this Fall. Lots of bigger than average sauger and saugeye were caught. I have never seen a bigger average size of these fish! Several that qualify for State big-fish awards. This not only made for a lot of smiles and happy faces, it also put a lot of fine fillets on the table, or in the freezer. But now, things are going to change again!

The weather has turned…and turned fast! The ice will be on in very short order, if the temps stay this way. Last year, we were ice-fishing by Thanksgiving, and it looks the same for this year! It is always sad to see the open-water season end, but it is fun to get ready for the ice, too! Going through gear, putting on new line, checking the tackle boxes, getting shacks ready, etc., etc., etc.! There is a lot to do, to make sure you have a fun and safe season on the ice. Charging up cameras and sonars is something that many forget about during the rest of the year. It is good for the batteries to charge them up every 45 days or so, when in the off-season. This will keep the batteries in good working order, and they will be ready for you, when you are ready for them! The same goes for your auger batteries, if you use an electric power auger. This charging in the off-season can add a lot to your long-term battery life!

Speaking of electric augers…. Next week, I will get in my first batch of the new Ice-Gator Electric Augers! These are the most impressive ice-augers that I have ever seen or used…gas or electric! The lead acid augers ( that I carry ), spin around 400 r.p.m., and can cut through an amazing 5-6 inches of ice per second! Every time I start cutting holes, other fishermen in the area come out to see this machine in action. Several have taken a hard look at their gas augers, and thought about the vast difference in the ease and performance of the Ice-Gator! A 24 volt, insulated, lead acid, battery pack is the power source for this beast. You can let it sit on the ice all weekend and it will still be ready to drill when you pick it up! Using an eight inch auger blade, I have gotten over 60 holes drilled in 28 inches of ice, and there was still no slack in power! Amazing performance! If anyone is interested in these augers, please feel free to contact me at any time! All questions are welcome!!

On yet another note…the Holiday Shopping Season has already started,…and a day, or half-day, of fishing, makes for a great gift for the Outdoorsman on your list! They can choose to use the gift any way they would like to,..whether it is ice-fishing, or open water(warmer) fishing, it is up to them how to use the gift, at their convenience! This includes all of the various aspects that Malm Fishing Services provides, whether it is ice-fishing, boating, kayaking, or just a relaxing day of fishing from shore. It is all up to them! This has proved to be a great gift in the past, with lots of happy people as a result!! Again,…give me a call any time!

For those out there that have been using the Malm’s All-Spring Bobber for ice-fishing,…I have a good supply made up to try to keep up with the demand. These spring bobbers have caught on fast, and for very good reason. There is no better spring-bobber on the market! Try one for yourself and see!!

Have a safe and fun Holiday Season this year, everyone! Don’t forget to relax once in a while, and have a little fun yourself!

Fall Fishing Is Here!! A Hot Time For Hot Bites!!

The Fall Fishing Season is finally here!  This is one of the best times to get out on the open water, and get in on some of the best fishing of the year!  This is the time of year when your chances at the trophy fish of a lifetime are better than ever!  The changing season and cooler temps get fish on the prowl to fill their bellies in order to fatten up for winter. For many species, this can be the most active, and aggressive, feeding of the year.  The bass will almost jump out of the water right now to take a lure. The same can be said for pike, too. Recently, a friend of mine told me that he was between casts, and was watching an eagle fly by, when a pike came out of the water, taking a strike at his lure that was a foot above the surface! He was laughing at how much it startled him. This kind of aggressive bite is fun that is hard to beat!

The walleyes in the river are just starting to get their move on, too. Again, the cooler weather has them on their way up-stream, and feeding on the way.  At first, it will be mostly males caught, and many of those will be smaller fish. As the next few weeks pass, the average size of the fish will increase. When the big females start to move through, get ready for some great action! This is the season that I always get excited about for the walleyes. From now until ice-up, is when I do most of my walleye fishing for the year. I am still fishing for everything else, too, but will look for the walleyes more than I usually do. This is also the best time for clients that want walleye to get out and have that chance at a trophy, or just get a nice bag of fillets for the table.

The musky bite has been a little off this year, due to all the flooding, and then due to all the shocking of the waters in the local rivers. The shocking of the water is an effort to learn more about the silver carp. There has been a lot of shocking going on, in some small areas, and this has greatly affected the fishing in those areas. It seems that it has affected the musky more than most. We have still been getting musky, but not quite the numbers we usually see, and also not quite as big as normal. There have been many, many fish hooked this year by clients, that just have not made it all the way to the net. Many have been so close, you could see, and almost count, the bars, stripes, and spots!  It is still a thrill to hook and fight one of these beasts, even if they don’t make it in the net. It will still put a smile on a clients face, and a little shake in the knees!  Fun stuff!

I have had the pleasure of taking a lot of great people out fishing this year, and look forward to doing much more of the same! So far this year, I have had 18 adult clients catch the biggest fish of their life while out fishing with Malm Fishing Services, and I hope to add a few more to that before year’s end. Lots and lots of firsts for younger fishermen and beginners! So much fun to see the looks on their faces, and how happy it makes them!   It has been a little bit of a battle with Mother Nature this year, but everything has worked out well. I have been getting more and more return clients, who have been coming back for the fun and relaxation, as well as the fishing! It is always nice to make new, long term friends in my clients! There have been many large family outings, and company outings, too! Everyone has been happy at the end of the day!!

There is still plenty of time to book some great fishing before the ice gets here! Don’t miss out on one of the best fishing seasons of the year. I supply everything but your fishing license. You can bring your own gear if you want to, but it is not necessary. We can fish from an 18 foot, v-bottom boat, or from kayaks, or right from shore! It all depends on you, and what you want to do!  Lots of choices! Give me a call anytime, and we can discuss your wants and needs! All to make sure you have a great time out!  If you mention this blog post, I will give you a $25 discount on the day!

I would also like to remind everyone that the ice-season is not very far away! It’s about time to start going through your gear, and get everything ready for some action!  I would also like to remind everyone that I will be a Rep and Dealer for the Ice-Gator Auger, starting this year!  After a lot of research on ice-augers, I finally decided on the Ice-Gator, and traveled a good distance to go get one. I was so impressed by this machine that I contacted the company and offered my services as a Rep for them!  Every time I went out on the ice and drilled holes, any other fishermen in the area would come over to see this machine! Every single one of them was very impressed! A couple were even a little sad about the new augers they had just bought.  It is an electric auger, so no gas or oil to mess with, or get all over your fishing gear. If you get petroleum products on your fishing gear, you might as well not count on getting fish.  This electric auger goes through a very impressive 6 inches of ice per second! It spins at around 400 rpm!  I drill a lot of holes when I hit the ice, and I have never come close to wearing out the battery in a day. With an 8 inch auger blade, I have drilled over 70 holes, in 26 inches of ice, with no depletion of power at all!  There have even been a couple improvements made on the design this year, to make it better than ever!  The best part….the cost is much lower than most power augers on the market!  I will be taking orders, so let me know if you are interested, or if there are any questions. You can also contact me on Facebook!

Have a great Fall Season everybody!  Have fun, and be safe!   Life is short….Fish often!!