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A Sharpener Worth Talking About…The SharpensBest.

There are few products on the market that I will go out of my way to tell people about. When I do, it is because I believe in the product, and it is totally sincere. There have been three different companies that have been contacted, just to tell them how impressed I am with what they carry. This has led to good relationships with all three. Now there is a fourth that I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about….the SharpensBest  knife and tool sharpener! Visit their site at www.SharpensBEST.com. While you are there, check out all the videos of this sharpener in action!

I had mentioned this product on my previous blog, our radio show, and on Facebook, but wanted to go into a little better description.

I came across this amazing little product at a sport-show I was attending, well over a year ago. There was a booth that had a crowd standing there, stretching their necks to get a better view of what was going on. So with my neck stretched out too, I watched and listened while Brad Buckner demonstrated the SharpensBest. We all watched as he used this little item, with extreme ease, to put a razor’s edge on many different blades. People were also handing him their dull pocket knives, and were getting them handed back with a great edge on them. I found this almost to good to be true. As an avid outdoorsman, there is always a need to be able to sharpen knives, tools and more….so I bought a couple of them, just to check it out for myself. The crowd kept coming,… as people would buy and leave, new people would fill in quickly. I wanted to talk with Brad about these sharpeners, but there was no way he could take the time,..so I took my sharpeners and moved on.

After getting home from the show, I was very anxious to try out the SharpensBest on several different blades, and find out for myself if they worked as good as it seemed. I wanted to test it on pocket knives, hunting and fillet knives, and some kitchen knives.

I could not believe the results!! Within a very short time, I had put a razor’s edge on everything I tried it on!! It will take care of straight edged blades, serrated knives, scissors, curved blades, and almost any other blade you can think of!!  And it could not be any easier to use…you simply sweep, or brush, the blade with soft pressure. The lighter the pressure, the finer the edge. To keep, maintain, or fine tune an already good edge,…just follow the existing bevel on the blade. For knives in terrible shape, you can put a completely new edge or bevel on a blade.

The SharpensBest is held at a slight angle when being used, not flat against the blade, and then tilted forward slightly also. This is the easiest sharpener to use that I have ever seen before, and the results will blow you away! You just lightly brush your way to a razor edge, all the way to the very tip. There are different models to suit different needs, but they all work the same. There are types that are the size of a 50 cent piece, that fit right on your key-chain. Another model slightly bigger with a rectangular shape, also has the edge shaper on it also. That is the V-shaped notch on the sides of all models other than the poker-chip. This feature can be used on badly damaged blades, to get a basic bevel, but be careful…this can remove a lot of material from the blade…a soft touch is best!!

The Sharp-n-Spark is a larger model that also has a quality fire-starter rod in the handle,…and it works very well!! Another model, the Sharp-n-Spark Mini, is just a little smaller than it’s big brother, and also has a bottle opener built in. Both of these models fit in the hand very well, and both are still pocket sized.

After more than a year of sharpening knives, and I mean a lot of knives, my SharpensBest is still like brand new!  Brad Buckner has been doing many events, for several years, thousands of knives, and still uses the same sharpener for demonstrations! They just don’t seem to wear out…… another good reason to be happy with this device. I wish I would have known about these a lot sooner,…could have saved a lot a sharpening time over the years.

I had to go to a very large sport-show recently, and looked ahead of time at the exhibitor list to see if Brad would be there, so I could buy several of these sharpeners for people that wanted them, and tell him in person how much I like the SharpensBest. Unfortunately, he was not on the list, so after getting on the computer to find some numbers to call, I was given Brad’s number, and I gave him a call.  He picked up the phone after a couple rings, and we started to have a long chat, and got acquainted with what we are both about, and have been building a good friendship since. He is a very down to earth guy, that has worked hard to get these products out on the market. Brad also has great people working with him, that are just as enthusiastic about getting this product out to the public. It is a privilege to get acquainted with people like this.

As a result of a few conversations, and in an interest to build good relations, and let people know about this fantastic product, Brad has put a link to my website, malmfishingservices.com  on theirs, and also a link to Northwest Iowa Outdoors. And it gets better yet! If you go to SharpensBEST.com to make an order,…use the promo code MALM or MALM10 in the coupon box when checking out, you will get a 10% discount off your purchase price! If your order is for $20 or more,..you will get your choice for one of many valuable and useful bonus gifts! Don’t miss out on this great offer!!

Northwest Iowa Outdoors publishes an outdoor magazine relating to all the hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports in our area. Not only do I write a few articles for the magazine,…I am also the co-host of their radio show Outdoors with John, a talk show relating to all the same. I do the fishing side of things, and John does the gun/hunting side. It’s a fun show. For the last two weeks we have talked a little about the SharpensBest. You can hear those programs anytime by going to the NWIO website. All broadcasts are there. In our area, you can hear it live on Sat. mornings at 7 a.m. on AM station 1360 KSCJ out of Sioux City, Iowa. Tune in for the trivia question of the week to win a prize!!

Well, that’s about it for this time around. I just wanted to let everybody know about another fantastic product that is not exposed enough.  I hope you all have a great warm weather season!!

I will check back in soon!!  Thanks everybody!!