A Fishing Report For The Start Of Summer!

After a little bit of a slow start, the warmer weather of summer is finally here! The rains have made their way in for a few days, but the fishing has been fantastic! I know many people only like to venture out when the weather is perfect,…but some of the best fishing can be found on those off days, when overcast skies and a lower barometer reading will have the fish actively feeding and biting. Because of the recent rains, water levels are up everywhere. Ponds and small lakes are at perfect levels right now to get some great fishing in! Some have started to weed-in quickly, but that’s what kayaks and small boats are made for!! This can be some exciting sport! Because of the weed growth, many of these spots will be ignored, being difficult to get casting access. But with a small craft, like a 2-man boat or a kayak, this can be some of the best action of the summer! Once out past the weed-line, you can cast the edges of the weeds, and get in on some great fishing!!  These smaller bodies of water can produce big bass, slab crappies, and bull bluegills. All of which are great fun to catch! The crappies and bluegills are fantastic table-fare, too!!  Bass are also good on the table, but the smaller ones are better tasting.  Many of these ponds will also have some catfish, bullheads, and even carp. There are always fish to catch!! Pond jumping is a great way to have some fun, and get in on some hot action!  We have not had a bad day on these small waters yet this season!!

The water levels of the local rivers are up, too. This has been allowing fish to move around a lot, rather than low water levels keeping fish trapped in shallow areas. As a result, fresh numbers of fish will move into prime feeding spots and the fishing will improve greatly. Not only the numbers are better, but the fish seem more eager to feed in the higher water. Good numbers of pike, walleye, and catfish have been coming in, and the muskies have been eager to please, too!! As it looks right now, these water levels will be up for a while, and this is a good thing for the fisher-folks out there! Everyone should get a chance to enjoy some great fishing this summer!!

For those that like a little different excitement from time to time,….the bow-fishing has also been on fire lately!  Lots of big fish getting stuck on an arrow!!  This is a truly fun sport for people of all ages!  You do not need a large powerful bow to get out and have fun. I know people that still use an old fiberglass 25 lb. bow, and get great results!! This is not only a lot of fun, but it can teach a new skill, and it helps get rough fish numbers down in many waters. There are many bodies of water that have been affected by the notorious silver carp. These are the fish that jump high when out boating, even jumping in the boat, or causing injuries!  These fish are an invasive species, and need to be thinned out. In places that hold these carp, there is no end to the bow-fishing fun!!  Reports are that these silver carp are delicious on the table,….but I cannot say that I have tried it myself!!

No matter how you choose to get out and enjoy some of the great fishing we have in the Mid-west, there is plenty of fun for everyone!!

For a beginning of summer special, I am offering a $50 discount on any bookings through the rest of the month of June! This includes any bookings for the kayaks, the small skiff, the bigger boat, fishing from shore, bow-fishing, and any of the other options offered by Malm Fishing Services!!  This is a great deal to start the summer!!  Don’t miss out! Dates are available!!

There are many ways to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer, so don’t let the outdoor fun pass you by this summer. Good times in the outdoors with friends and family are priceless!  And the memories will last a lifetime!

Have a great summer of fishing and fun!!  Be safe!!