Monthly Archives: May 2015

Summer Fun And Great Fishing!!

Although the weather has been a little off this spring, there has still been some great outdoor action to be had!   Now that the warmer weather seems to be here to stay, the fun will just get better and better!  The fishing has been fantastic so far,…lots of big bass, bluegills, crappies, catfish, walleyes, and pike. Whether it has been on the lakes out of the bigger boat, pond jumping from a smaller skiff,  fishing out of the kayaks, or fishing from shore,…the action has been great!!

Even the musky have been getting much more active lately, with several large fish brought up! Clients have had lots of follows and many missed strikes! Many big fish on the hook, too! This is a fish that always brings the excitement to the game, even if they don’t make it all the way to the net! My clients are thrilled with the experience!!

Many people are getting out for some new adventures this year. Bow fishing is getting more and more popular. This is another truly fun sport! Not only are more people using the bow for rough fish, there are also more people interested in using a Sling-bow,…which is basically a sling-shot that shoots arrows! Fun stuff!!

Snagging is another aspect of the sport that more people are looking into. Again, this is for rough fish, including the different species of carp, drum, sheep-head, buffalo, and even gar! This part of the sport is an absolute blast, too! You never really know what is on the hook until you get the fish in! Of course, all game-fish hooked by accident are released immediately!! This is a great way to get into a major battle with a big fish!!

Once again this year, I will be attending the NWIO Youth Fishing Derby held on June 6th at the Little Sioux Park in Correctionville, Iowa. This is a great event put on for the young fishermen out there, complete with lunch and lots of prizes!!  This event is held on Free-Fishing Weekend in Iowa, so no license is needed to participate,…all are welcome!!  The derby will start at 8:00 a.m. and go until noon, when lunch is served and prizes are awarded.  This is a great event for the kids! Don’t miss out!

Due to many requests, there will be another service offered by Malm Fishing Services this year. Many people have asked about overnight camping, and this will now be an option offered. Whether it is a fishing outing, or simply some time out to just enjoy nature, camping is a great way to get back in touch with the simple things in life!  Treat yourself to some outdoor fun!!

No matter how you choose to enjoy the outdoors, take the time to relax and have some fun with friends and family! It makes for memories that last a lifetime!!

Give me a call, or send me an email, anytime, and we can set up some outdoor fun for you!!

Have a great summer, everyone!!!  Be safe, and have fun!!!