Daily Archives: April 25, 2015

It’s Time for Great Fishing And Warm Weather Fun!!

The ice-fishing season was great,  but it is time for some warm weather fun on the water! It seemed like a very long winter, and warmer temps have been slow to arrive. Cooler temps and high winds have had a major effect on the fish and fishermen. Many people have told me that they are having problems getting onto a hot bite, and that the action has been slow….or not there at all!  In my opinion, the fishing has been great so far this season! We have had no problems at all!!   Most of the problems that people are having, are coming from the constant changes in the weather conditions. It’s not that the fish are not there, or not biting….it is just a matter of changing how you fish for them!  In small lakes or ponds, the fish can be right up to the banks in warmer weather, and then head out deep when conditions are not so good. Just switch your tactics until you find the right combo.

So far, we have had great fishing for walleyes on the rivers here. Catfish, too,…. and the pike / musky bite is just heating up. A couple large fish were lost recently…one was due to getting caught in a snag on the river, and the other due just to the excitement of the moment!  Lol!! It is easy for a new musky fisherman to be startled by the extreme violence of a large musky! That first time is always a major thrill!   The bass fishing has been fantastic, and slab crappies along the way, too!! No matter what fish we have been out chasing,…we have been getting them. If you have been having problems getting on the fish, or want to book an outing, feel free to contact me at any time, and we will get it set up for you! If you mention this blog,…I will give a $25 discount on the booking!         Don’t miss out on the outdoor fun!!

We have been fishing out of the bigger boat on the lakes, and doing well! We have also been doing very well out of the kayaks, especially when pond jumping. This year, I have also been using a small, two person craft that is working out very well. Very stable craft. It uses an electric motor, and is simple and fast to deal with. Like the kayaks,… lots of fun to fish out of!!   As always, the fishing from shore has been good, too. It is the easiest, and fastest way to get set up for some fishing action!

I have recently started a You-Tube channel under the Malm Fishing Services name. Everyone is welcome to subscribe to it!  I have finally picked up a GoPro camera, and am getting used to operating it. Please understand that I am not much of a tech person!!  Lol!!  There are a few videos up that are my first attempts at this! They are a little rough, but they do contain some good fishing action, and some good information along the way. As I get more accustomed to the camera, I am hoping the clips will get much better. Any positive feedback would be appreciated!!

I hope all of you have a great season of fishing and fun!  Be careful and be safe on the water!  Have a great summer everybody!!!