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The Change Of Seasons. Spring Is Near! Ice To Open Water Fishing!

Well, it has been a very interesting season on the ice in Northwest Iowa this time around! We had good solid ice before Thanksgiving, and the fishing was fantastic! Then three weeks later there was no ice at all! Complete thaw.  It froze up solid again in a very short time, and good fishing was back on for another short period. Then….complete thaw again!!  Finally, we got a consistent cold weather pattern that was normal winter for Iowa, and everyone got a chance to get out and feel completely safe with the ice. That lasted for a while…..and then 55 degree weather moved in,…and stayed,..in late January/early February!!  Many different stories from all over about ice conditions, but in this local area the ice was still at 10-12 inches thick this last weekend. The ice has been getting soft though, and caution is advised. Only foot traffic is advised locally, and even then…be careful.  This is a great time to hire a guide service to make sure you have a safe trip! All you should have to worry about, is if you can get that fish through that hole!

We seem to have settled back into another spell of cold weather again, that will firm the ice up for another period of great fishing. One more, and maybe the last, chance to get out for some great sport!  This is the late season on ice, and can be some of the best ice-fishing of the year.  Many species of fish are setting up for the spawn, and the action can be fantastic! Bull bluegills, slab crappie, and lunker largemouth bass can all still be caught in numbers right now. The walleye, perch and pike bite is also great right now, with big fish, and good numbers, being reported daily!  Malm Fishing Services is still taking late season bookings for some great pan-fish action. Buckets and buckets of fish cleaned this season, and several times that many released! And there is still time!!!

Clients had a great time out on the ice,…and not one person got skunked!!  This is not to say that every fish caught was a whopper, but at least they were caught!  Lots and lots of fish, and lots and lots of smiles!  These are good times!  For many of my clients, this was their first time out on the ice, and were not quite sure what to expect. By the end of each day out, fun was had by all!  It’s great to know that people are having a good first time experience, to ensure that they will be willing to pursue the sport, and have a fun winter activity to enjoy for years.

As a seasonal change approaches, and we have a mesh of ice and open-water fishing going on everywhere, I would like to offer a Season’s Change Special, on a couple of very popular products!  Every order made on this website for these products will be doubled at no extra cost!!  A 2-Fer Special!!  This is a great deal!!  For the late season ice-fisherman, …Malm’s  All-Spring Bobber!    People contact me all the time to thank me for the difference these have made in their season. There is nothing else like them on the market, and they are gaining popularity, all over ice country, very fast. It is great to hear all the positive feedback, and it will always be welcome!!     The other featured item for this Special is Malm’s Musky Leaders!  This is in spirit of the spring open-water bite for the big toothy critters out there!  These high-quality leaders all feature my custom, hand-made spin-snap. Nothing to open or close…you can change lures with gloves on!! Countless giant fish caught on these over several years, with no failure in performance! Great for musky and big pike!  You can take a closer look at them here on the website at www.malmfishingservices.com    along with the other featured item, and many more unique products that can only be found here!  This featured Special will only run until 2/20/15, so don’t miss out on this great offer!!

I hope everyone had a great Winter season, and hope you all have a safe and fun Spring Season!! Good fishing everyone!IMG_20150207_183936915IMG_20150118_134754261IMG_20150207_145500454