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Hot Ice- Fishing Action! Another Great Winter Season So Far!

This is going to be another great season on the ice! Here in Northwest Iowa, we had very early ice that was safe to fish.  And the fishing was fantastic!!  Catching piles of bull bluegills a week before Thanksgiving!  Along with the big gills, we have gotten some slab crappie, and big bass, too!! The major crappie bite is yet to come in this area, and when the bite is on, they truly are slabs. 12-14 inches is pretty common! Last year a client coaxed a 16 incher incher into biting! It was her first time out on the ice, and her first crappie ever!! Many more fish were caught that day, but nothing to match that!

That first ice did not last long, though, as warmer temps and higher winds melted it all down to either open water, or unsafe ice. Then another very cold spell came along, and froze things up again, very fast. It got back to 5 inches of ice in just a few days, and the fishing was on again!!  And the bite was still great!!  This lasted for a little over a week,….and then the heat wave in December, again! People fishing open water on 12/14/14,…in Iowa!! Now, we are all waiting for the freeze up again.  It is almost a good thing that all ice melted, instead of having half-rotten, or poor quality ice everywhere. It has a fresh start to produce hard, quality ice. Just be careful, and use your common sense out there. There have already been many reports of people breaking through, as well as vehicles and houses going through!  Please, PLEASE,  check the ice carefully and know the conditions before you venture out!  We are all anxious to to the fishing, but it is not worth your life.  The best part of any trip is making it back home safely!!

Since the season is just getting started, there are plenty of openings if someone would like to book some time out, having some great winter fun! It is far better than watching someone else do it on TV!!  I supply all the gear, bait, shacks, sonar, heat, etc. All you need is proper clothing and a valid fishing license!  This works great if you want to check out the sport, but you don’t have all the gear. This way you can see if you like it, and get an idea of what gear you will need to get started. And since I am certified as an instructor in the State of Iowa, all my clients get a chance to learn while they are out!  This also makes a great Holiday Gift for the outdoors minded person on your shopping list!! Just give the gift to them, and they can use it any time, or any way they like. Ice-fishing, open water fishing in warm weather, boating, kayaking, bow-fishing,…..there are many ways the gift can be used!  You can contact me for details at any time!

Having an experienced guide can be beneficial in many ways, on the ice or in open water. Knowledge of local waters can be priceless!  It also takes most of the work out of the situation, for the client.   All they have to worry about is hooking the fish, and smiling big!!  An experienced guide can also come in handy for judging certain situations,..such as safe ice, for instance.  A person does not always need a guide to go out and have some fun, but there are times when it can be the right call!  Just try to make sure you hire a guide with the experience!

On another note, the IceGator augers are selling fast when they come in!!  Many people have stopped by to check them out, or have seen me use mine!  Everyone is very impressed by the performance of this machine! Many are looking at their gas augers with a frown after seeing these. Smooth electric power, no gas or oil,….and what power it is!  Bores through 5-6 inches per second!  Blade spins around 400 rpm!!   With an 8 inch blade, I have gotten over 60 holes in 25 inches of ice, with no loss of power at all!! Puts other augers to shame,…gas or electric!!  And maybe best of all, they cost much less than most other power augers on the market!  Contact me at any time with questions, or check them out at

When out on the ice, people approach me a lot to ask why I am getting fish in the same spot, and they are not.  In many, many cases, it comes down to the spring bobber they are using, or not using. There are countless spring bobbers on the market, but very few that actually perform well on the ice. The All-Spring bobber that I designed and produce, works better than anything I have ever used on the ice!  Naturally I am going to say that,…but I truly mean it!  I am not one to steer someone in the wrong direction when it comes to catching fish! I try to help anyone increase their chances of getting in on some good action.  These All-Springs are a different design. They actually show the negative bite plainly! They are also the only open-ended spring bobber on the market!  If you want to keep your line engaged in the bobber, you simply close the end like a safety pin! These bobbers are amazingly sensitive, and they give a natural flow to your presentation, instead of a stiff, un-natural action. Many people have contacted me, to thank me for making such a big change in their season.  That’s a great feeling!  They are getting spread out farther and farther into ice-fishing country every year!  You can get them at many retail stores across the Midwest. Several are listed on this web-site, but not all. You can also contact me, or purchase them right here on this web-site!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients sincerely,  and also wish everyone out there a Very Merry Christmas, and the best of New Year’s to you!  I hope everyone has a great Holiday season, and you get to spend some quality time with the people that matter most to you!                                                                                          Again…. Merry Christmas Everybody!!!