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The Ice-Fishing Season Is Coming!!

CAM00180Wow! What a fantastic Fall Season! Lots and lots of happy clients! The walleye fishing in the river was outstanding, and will be for a little while yet! Pike fishing and musky fishing were also great this year! Many big fish caught, and several missed opportunities. That is just the nature of fishing for apex predators. Still, everyone was happy with the experiences they had! It’s great to see the looks on faces when a first-time event happens! Priceless!!

The walleye fishing brought many surprises this Fall. Lots of bigger than average sauger and saugeye were caught. I have never seen a bigger average size of these fish! Several that qualify for State big-fish awards. This not only made for a lot of smiles and happy faces, it also put a lot of fine fillets on the table, or in the freezer. But now, things are going to change again!

The weather has turned…and turned fast! The ice will be on in very short order, if the temps stay this way. Last year, we were ice-fishing by Thanksgiving, and it looks the same for this year! It is always sad to see the open-water season end, but it is fun to get ready for the ice, too! Going through gear, putting on new line, checking the tackle boxes, getting shacks ready, etc., etc., etc.! There is a lot to do, to make sure you have a fun and safe season on the ice. Charging up cameras and sonars is something that many forget about during the rest of the year. It is good for the batteries to charge them up every 45 days or so, when in the off-season. This will keep the batteries in good working order, and they will be ready for you, when you are ready for them! The same goes for your auger batteries, if you use an electric power auger. This charging in the off-season can add a lot to your long-term battery life!

Speaking of electric augers…. Next week, I will get in my first batch of the new Ice-Gator Electric Augers! These are the most impressive ice-augers that I have ever seen or used…gas or electric! The lead acid augers ( that I carry ), spin around 400 r.p.m., and can cut through an amazing 5-6 inches of ice per second! Every time I start cutting holes, other fishermen in the area come out to see this machine in action. Several have taken a hard look at their gas augers, and thought about the vast difference in the ease and performance of the Ice-Gator! A 24 volt, insulated, lead acid, battery pack is the power source for this beast. You can let it sit on the ice all weekend and it will still be ready to drill when you pick it up! Using an eight inch auger blade, I have gotten over 60 holes drilled in 28 inches of ice, and there was still no slack in power! Amazing performance! If anyone is interested in these augers, please feel free to contact me at any time! All questions are welcome!!

On yet another note…the Holiday Shopping Season has already started,…and a day, or half-day, of fishing, makes for a great gift for the Outdoorsman on your list! They can choose to use the gift any way they would like to,..whether it is ice-fishing, or open water(warmer) fishing, it is up to them how to use the gift, at their convenience! This includes all of the various aspects that Malm Fishing Services provides, whether it is ice-fishing, boating, kayaking, or just a relaxing day of fishing from shore. It is all up to them! This has proved to be a great gift in the past, with lots of happy people as a result!! Again,…give me a call any time!

For those out there that have been using the Malm’s All-Spring Bobber for ice-fishing,…I have a good supply made up to try to keep up with the demand. These spring bobbers have caught on fast, and for very good reason. There is no better spring-bobber on the market! Try one for yourself and see!!

Have a safe and fun Holiday Season this year, everyone! Don’t forget to relax once in a while, and have a little fun yourself!