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Fall Fishing Is Here!! A Hot Time For Hot Bites!!

The Fall Fishing Season is finally here!  This is one of the best times to get out on the open water, and get in on some of the best fishing of the year!  This is the time of year when your chances at the trophy fish of a lifetime are better than ever!  The changing season and cooler temps get fish on the prowl to fill their bellies in order to fatten up for winter. For many species, this can be the most active, and aggressive, feeding of the year.  The bass will almost jump out of the water right now to take a lure. The same can be said for pike, too. Recently, a friend of mine told me that he was between casts, and was watching an eagle fly by, when a pike came out of the water, taking a strike at his lure that was a foot above the surface! He was laughing at how much it startled him. This kind of aggressive bite is fun that is hard to beat!

The walleyes in the river are just starting to get their move on, too. Again, the cooler weather has them on their way up-stream, and feeding on the way.  At first, it will be mostly males caught, and many of those will be smaller fish. As the next few weeks pass, the average size of the fish will increase. When the big females start to move through, get ready for some great action! This is the season that I always get excited about for the walleyes. From now until ice-up, is when I do most of my walleye fishing for the year. I am still fishing for everything else, too, but will look for the walleyes more than I usually do. This is also the best time for clients that want walleye to get out and have that chance at a trophy, or just get a nice bag of fillets for the table.

The musky bite has been a little off this year, due to all the flooding, and then due to all the shocking of the waters in the local rivers. The shocking of the water is an effort to learn more about the silver carp. There has been a lot of shocking going on, in some small areas, and this has greatly affected the fishing in those areas. It seems that it has affected the musky more than most. We have still been getting musky, but not quite the numbers we usually see, and also not quite as big as normal. There have been many, many fish hooked this year by clients, that just have not made it all the way to the net. Many have been so close, you could see, and almost count, the bars, stripes, and spots!  It is still a thrill to hook and fight one of these beasts, even if they don’t make it in the net. It will still put a smile on a clients face, and a little shake in the knees!  Fun stuff!

I have had the pleasure of taking a lot of great people out fishing this year, and look forward to doing much more of the same! So far this year, I have had 18 adult clients catch the biggest fish of their life while out fishing with Malm Fishing Services, and I hope to add a few more to that before year’s end. Lots and lots of firsts for younger fishermen and beginners! So much fun to see the looks on their faces, and how happy it makes them!   It has been a little bit of a battle with Mother Nature this year, but everything has worked out well. I have been getting more and more return clients, who have been coming back for the fun and relaxation, as well as the fishing! It is always nice to make new, long term friends in my clients! There have been many large family outings, and company outings, too! Everyone has been happy at the end of the day!!

There is still plenty of time to book some great fishing before the ice gets here! Don’t miss out on one of the best fishing seasons of the year. I supply everything but your fishing license. You can bring your own gear if you want to, but it is not necessary. We can fish from an 18 foot, v-bottom boat, or from kayaks, or right from shore! It all depends on you, and what you want to do!  Lots of choices! Give me a call anytime, and we can discuss your wants and needs! All to make sure you have a great time out!  If you mention this blog post, I will give you a $25 discount on the day!

I would also like to remind everyone that the ice-season is not very far away! It’s about time to start going through your gear, and get everything ready for some action!  I would also like to remind everyone that I will be a Rep and Dealer for the Ice-Gator Auger, starting this year!  After a lot of research on ice-augers, I finally decided on the Ice-Gator, and traveled a good distance to go get one. I was so impressed by this machine that I contacted the company and offered my services as a Rep for them!  Every time I went out on the ice and drilled holes, any other fishermen in the area would come over to see this machine! Every single one of them was very impressed! A couple were even a little sad about the new augers they had just bought.  It is an electric auger, so no gas or oil to mess with, or get all over your fishing gear. If you get petroleum products on your fishing gear, you might as well not count on getting fish.  This electric auger goes through a very impressive 6 inches of ice per second! It spins at around 400 rpm!  I drill a lot of holes when I hit the ice, and I have never come close to wearing out the battery in a day. With an 8 inch auger blade, I have drilled over 70 holes, in 26 inches of ice, with no depletion of power at all!  There have even been a couple improvements made on the design this year, to make it better than ever!  The best part….the cost is much lower than most power augers on the market!  I will be taking orders, so let me know if you are interested, or if there are any questions. You can also contact me on Facebook!

Have a great Fall Season everybody!  Have fun, and be safe!   Life is short….Fish often!!