Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

Fun New Services For The Season & More!

This has been one the most unusual years I have ever been witness to as far as the weather and the fishing goes. In Northwest Iowa the rains seemed never-ending for a while, especially on weekends. Waters are high all over the area, with levels that have not been seen in a few seasons. Some of these waters greatly needed the increase because of low levels from last years drought. It is good to see these waters back to normal. As far as the rivers go, these heavy rains have caused a lot of flooding. Farmland and fields newly planted with this years crops have taken a beating in some areas. As far as the fishing goes, once again it depends on where you live and what you are fishing for. Because of the unstable rivers and muddy waters, the musky and pike bite has been off and on from day to day. Nothing that you can predict with the crazy barometer this year. The bass, crappie, and big bluegills, on the other hand, have been great this year! I have been fishing out of my new WaveWalk500 fishing kayak and it has been giving me access to waters that others are not able to get to. As a result, I am able to target fish that are not pressured, and it is working very well. It is amazing how much you can see and learn from such a silent , low-profile craft. Fish swim right under you without spooking. Awesome to see! I am now offering kayak trips and kayak fishing through my guide service. Right now I am only able to take one person at a time for kayak bookings, but I am hoping to change that shortly. I am also offering bow-fishing trips. You would be suprised how much fun it is to get a 20 pound carp on the end of an arrow. You can’t stop the smile on your face! Once again, from the kayak I can only do one at a time, but there are other options, too. I am also offering fishing lessons and classes for small parties or large groups. I have been certified by the State of Iowa DNR as an official “Fish Iowa” Instructor. So not only do I get the honor and priviledge of introducing many people to the sport, but this also gives me access to many of the materials the DNR makes available for young or new fishermen, promoting our great fishing in the State of Iowa!   Please feel free to contact me at ant time if you have any questions about any of my services or products. As far as products go , I am proud to introduce the latest in my line of terminal tackle. It is another leader, but geared towards finer fishing. This product came up as a result of a day of walleye fishing where the big pike were biting me off every other cast. Not a major problem, but I was after walleye that day ,not pike. But walleye will not take to the sight of a heavy leader and it seems a little silly to cast a curly-tail jig on one too. So I went home that night and came up with what I will use from now on when casting for walleye during aggressive feeding. It is made with a ultra thin 40# test 7 strand wire, with a super small stainless steel swivel rated at 80# test. The snap is of my own design again, with nothing to open or close, changing lures in an instant. These snaps are smaller than any I have made before and they are super strong, made with 140# test spring steel wire. The entire leader is very low profile and did not have an adverse effect on the walleye bite; they didn’t seem to notice it was there at all. While on the other hand, I have not been bit off since! A plus all the way around!  Whether you fish for bullheads or musky, it is great just to get out and enjoy a little of what nature has to offer. So between rainy days, get out, have some fun, be safe, and don’t forget your smile!